Silvio Franzini

Pittore e musicista

Biography (english)

Silvio Franzini was born in Parma (Italy). After concluding his musical studies at the Conservatory, he held concerts with Classical chamber music and Jazz/Rock groups, and at the same time taught in different tipes of schools (public and private). In parallel to the visual artist he worked, as an instrumentalist, with theatres (Milan, Parma, Torino etc.) and with the RAI orchestra (Milan, Torino). He then played polyvalent experience as a teacher in music schools and Conservatories (Parma, Carpi, Brescia, Piacenza).

Painter and Teacher of “Interdisciplinarietà delle Arti” (musical / visual arts), “Multimedialità”, “Fraseologìa Jazz/Popular” and professor of “Trumpet” at the Conservatory of Piacenza, from youth he has dedecated himself to painting attracted by musical and artistic experiences regarding the impressionist and expressionist periods, focousing his attention on the various currents of Historic Avant gard. After painting portraits, he now dedicates himself towards abstract research (Geometric lyrical, Figural abstraction, Informal, Digital painting etc.), also regarding with science and contemporary musical poetics; he has pubblished theoric writings.

Frequently represented in Italy – Agrigento, Bologna, Carpi (MO), Ferrara, Forlì, Fidenza (PR), Florence, Modena, Padova, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Roma, Torino – and abroad – Australia, Brazil, Cyna, France, Svizzerland, U.S.A. -, his activity also takes place in the so called multimedial field, were painting and video-art, music, dance and word, harmonnized into a sole event. Franzini also designed and directed the section “Arte & Musica” at Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea in Florence, co-creator and coordinator of Academic Triennio “Jazz, Performances e Musica del nostro tempo” each establish at the Conservatory of Piacenza.

He has recived national and international recognition, winning gratifing approval from both the pubblic and critics.

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