Silvio Franzini

Pittore e musicista

My paintings (english)

When describing my paintings, I often refer to the historical similarities with “Figural Abstraction” and “Lyrical Geometric Abstraction”, but also to “Informal” or even “Digital painting” (in which I use various pigments on the canvas).

However, I’d rather talk about what appears to be a laborious research that tends to re-define (not in the direction of the past, but forward) the concept of abstraction in painting.

At present the masters of Modern and Contemporary Art, who have most influenced my work are Kandinsky, Klee (both as an artist and theorist), Mondrian, Pollock and Rothko.

My particular attention has been to the synthetic aspects, especially those influences arising from forms/colours, alluding to the word of musical sounds. Since I was a child, listening to music, I was attracted to the “colours” of the various sounds and the “sounds” of colours.

Also my activities as a musician and teacher, have had (and still have) a crucial impact on my art.

Silvio Franzini

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